"First & foremost I would like to say “Wow”, very impressed! BHR has everything covered from A to Z. So, I had a new edition built (800 sq. Ft.) and wasn’t to sure what to expect or how to start but after consulting with them, they made it a breeze and answered all my questions. They guided me through the whole procedure and took care of the whole construction process from applying for the city application to completion of the project . They’re are very experience people in the field and has been doing there job for over +25 years, also their team are very knowledgeable of their work. Pricing was very competitive, after getting 5x other quotes they managed to provide the best pricing for my job. Work was completed on a timely matter as projected. Overall I give this company 5/5 star rating, very pleased with their work & performance and recommend them to anyone. I will continue to work with them in my future projects, hands down!!!"
David Buth
It turned out beautifully. Very responsible and very good taste in design. Always a good experience and always done in a timely manner.
~ Cecilia
Good contractors. He’s on top of things. Satisfied with the performance and quality.
~ Billy